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News — 27 July, 2014

Thank you, Gunner and Aspiration Tech

The HOT Board would like to extend our sincerest thanks to Gunner (Allen Gunn) of Aspiration Tech for his facilitation and organizational development help in the 2014 face-to-face meeting of the Board. This weekend the seven Board members and the Executive Director, guided by Gunner, worked hard to plan the upcoming year for HOT. Gunner is instrumental in helping us navigate some complex topics in a human and actionable way. Thank you!


"Gunner draws on his deep experience and wisdom to guide open communities like HOT through tough work. Greatest gratitude to him for spending a 3 day weekend with us, and leaving us with tremendous momentum and smiles." - Mikel Maron
"It  was a real pleasure to work with Gunner. The force of his personality,  and his post-it notes, was truly spectacular, and the result was a  surprisingly effective identification and resolution of issues" - Harry  Wood
"Gunner's vast experience in open communities has been amazing resource to our community. I am extremely appreciative of his guidance as HOT grows." - Kate Chapman
"The agile and joyous process with which Gunner guided us through the weekend was both uplifting and productive. It was wonderful to see that that it is possible to combine (a ton of) detailed actionable items with strategic planning in such harmonious way. Gunner is a fantastic facilitator that Gets open tech communities exceptionally well." - Jaakko Helleranta 
"The whole three days were really thrilling and productive. We built together exchanges, ideas, decisions, and actions to come, as well as a momentum that we will surf on. I would love Gunner to continue to advise us in the future." - Severin Menard
"While we had been facing a challenging context, Gunner's endless energy was able to draw the best of each one of us in order to get the team back in a positive working together dynamic. Thank you for these extraordinary days." - Claire Halleux
"Gunner, you brought intense integrity and commitment to your work with us, and devoted a whole weekend of your life to this process. You've inspired us by your example to focus on making our visions real."  -Schuyler Erle
"Gunner, you have helped many open source and non profit communities grow.  You have been instrumental in HOT's organizational development in the past year, including spending 3 full days shepherding us on a path to support the amazing work of the community in collaboration with our partners. I cannot thank you enough for your drive, honesty and professionalism. I highly recommend you and Aspiration Tech's expertise to all communities (open source and non-profit). - Heather Leson