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News — 30 December, 2014

Mapzen Donation!

This time of year we are reminded that HOT could not fulfill its mission without the support of the OpenStreetMap community at large. We benefit in so many ways from everyone involved with OpenStreetMap, open data and open software that it is impossible to tally the value they bring to our efforts.

This year one of open mapping's major supporters, the team at Mapzen, has chosen to fund HOT's work directly with a year-end donation. We could not be more honored. You might remember Mapzen from their generous sponsorship of an internship with HOT through the Free and Open Source Software Outreach Program for Women earlier this year. But, in case you haven't bumped into them yet, Mapzen is an open-source mapping lab creating amazing tools that support the open-data and open-source software ecosystems around OpenStreetMap and collaborative mapping in general.

Together HOT and Mapzen share a vision of empowerment through community-driven mapping. It is a vote of confidence in our work that the crew at Mapzen have chosen HOT for a direct donation and like all the people who volunteer with HOT or support HOT with donations, we simply cannot thank them enough.

With the support of people like the team at Mapzen, HOT looks forward to a new year of working with relief organizations on the ground to help local communities cope with immediate crises and through programs like the Missing Maps Project, helping people around the world prepare for their future. Cheers and a big thank you to everyone at Mapzen!