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News — 25 March, 2015


Preparations, Preparations and Lots of Preparations is how best i can describe the third of the OSM Training in Tanzania.


We reported at Buni Hub at about 9:18am Steve, Geoffrey, Jeff and later on Paul came through. Today we had nothing to do with the drones but the team (Sensefly) still headed out to shoot some more aerial imagery. With no waste of time we went straight away to making final preparations for the "COMMUNITY MAPPING FOR FLOOD RESILIENCE LAUNCH" which will run under Open Street Map.




We started with going into details for Thursday's (26th March 2015) program because in the afternoon session is where we shall have to kick in and do a lot of physical mapping/practical mapping/data collection with about 100 people.



as said earlier, it was a lot of preparation that was made including: getting clear imagery for filed papers which will be used, splitting roles among ourselves, tuning GPS units and studying the areas which we shall be mostly be focused on for the demonstration on data collection.





We ended the day by setting up the room where the event will take place from.







and pretty much that was it for the day, waiting for the big day.


25th March 2015