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News — 10 April, 2015

HOT says Farewell to our Kate

Kate Chapman.  Leader, friend, mentor, creator, grant writer, smart girl, cool-chick, adventurer, founder, volunteer.  These are many of the wonderful traits that make up Kate, but at her core, she’s a giver.  She believes in what she does and works harder, and more kindly, than pretty much anyone I’ve ever known.  


Kate has served generously as the founder and Executive Director since the inception of HOT in 2010.  She has taught, mapped, and lead for HOT all over Indonesia, Haiti, The United States, and many more places across the globe.   Kate has guided HOT from a fledgling idea, into a registered non profit, and then into a solidly funded organization supported and joined by incredible international partners.  Without her, HOT wouldn’t be where it is today.  


Kate is also my teacher, mentor, and dear friend.  I have worked with Kate at a few organizations now, and I’m not sure I will ever be able to thank Kate for her leadership and patience, as I’ve grown under her guidance.


It’s hard to call Kate my boss, even though she is one of the best I’ve ever had.  She treats her staff with the utmost grace and respect.  When I fail, she guides me back.  I’ve found that I work harder under her management and now I can take that ethic and continue it in her honor. I have seen this happen with so many of her staff members, and volunteers- a clear indication of what Kate has brought out in so many of us, the best.


I’m so sad to lose Kate, while others get to gain her incredible self, but I could not be more proud and excited for her.  Luckily, Kate will still be involved with HOT as a voting member, volunteer with the Outreachy program, Missing Maps, and OpenAerialMap.


Today serves as Kate’s last day as the ED for HOT.  Thank you Kate.  Thank you for everything.  


Our team in Indonesia has created a map in Kate’s honor full of sentiments from many people Kate has touched over her term.  If you’d like to contribute and send your thanks, find the form here!


We hope you know how much you mean to us Kate- enjoy your notes and our appreciation!


ADD YOUR THANKS FOR KATE to the Kate’s Thank You Map


(It’s a good thing that I no longer map places- as my coordinates are wrong on the map- we’ll just pretend I’m writing this from England and not sunny Los Angeles!)