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News — 27 August, 2015

End of the Outreachy Program Round 10

Round 10 of the Outreachy program has come to an end! Running for three months, from the 25th May till the 25th of August, the interns were involved in a number of key HOT OSM projects including OpenAerialMap, the Tasking Manager, the Export Tool and LearnOSM. To find out more about their work, please see our Outreachy page, which provides links to their individual blogs. The interns will also be presenting their projects to the community on Wednesday the 16th September to those who are interested on hearing more about their great work. Please look out for an email and tweet about the exact time and ‘virtual’ location where it will be held. On behalf of HOT and the OSM community, we would like to thank all the interns for their invaluable work, and Outreachy for making it all happen.