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News — 06 October, 2015

The new OSM Export Tool is Live

The newly developed Export Tool is now LIVE.

Please register with your OSM username and explore some of the new functionality, such as the use of 'Nominatim' to search for areas of interest and the interactive 'Tree Tag' tab to select specific OSM features for export. 

Please note that the old Export Tool can currently still be accessed here. A number of changes were made between the two versions, with the full list available on the osm-export-tool2 dedicated GitHub wiki.
Try out the site and help us iron out any bugs we may have missed during the Alpha and Beta phases. Similarly, please add any feature requests or enhancements you feel could greatly improve the tool as issues on the osm-export-tool2 repository.  
Once again we would just like to say thank you to the Hewlett Foundation, who's grant made it possible for the redevelopment. Also thank you to Brian O'Hare, who worked relentlessly on the code, Arushi Vashist who contributed to a number of development aspects, and Drazen Odobasic who helped us set up the site on the HOT servers.
And last but not least, as always thank you to the community for your continued support. Particularly to those who have taken the time throughout the tools development to test, log issues and provide invaluable feedback. On behalf of everyone at HOT, please enjoy the new tool!