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News — 10 August, 2017

HOT and Heidelberg Institution for Geoinformation Technology Collaborations

We’re pleased to announce we’ve recently formalised our partnership with the Heidelberg Institute for Geoinformation Technology (HeiGIT) at GIScience Heidelberg University. HOT and HeiGIT share a common vision supporting humanitarian activities by developing up-to-date disaster maps and providing innovative GI services for humanitarian response, mitigating risk and economic development.


To date HOT and HeiGIT have worked together across a range of open mapping innovations, including:

Disaster OpenRouteService
MapSwipe Analytics
OSM History Analytics


Our formal collaboration will strengthen the way we work together across a range of technology and research projects going forward.


As a part of the HOT community, you can support the partnership by:

  • Following updates via HOT Newsletter or social media to know the latest about this project and others.

  • Holding a mapathon or teach others about mapping and mapping tools e.g. MapSwipe.

  • Joining the MapSwipe Working Group (email

  • Donating to HOT to support further technology development and mapping work through this collaboration.


We're very glad to be collaborating closer with HeiGIT. Join us in the work!