We can #mapthedifference together in 2018!

Posted by:
Rachel VanNice
Date posted:
Nov, 28 2017

You’ve supported us to put the world’s most vulnerable places on the map-

through hundreds of millions of edits, thousands of hours, and a lot of pizza along the way. Over the years, you’ve helped us train more than 6,000 people, build mapping apps relied upon by the world’s largest humanitarian aid organizations, and enabled 9 OpenStreetMap communities to map the places and issues that matter most in the places they call home

This year, we faced an unprecedented challenge as HOT responded to seven simultaneous disasters, including hurricanes in the Caribbean, earthquakes in Mexico, and flooding in South Asia. You responded as a dedicated global community, check out the video below to see some highlights!

We feel we can do more:

  • more to strengthen local communities
  • more to support aid efforts of partner organizations
  • more to put the world’s most vulnerable places on the map

HOT is your community, your map, and your impact on the world. Help us stay ready as we prepare to face a new year with new challenges.

There are so many ways to help:

  1. Be a fundraiser in HOT’s #mapthedifference Crowdfunding Campaign! We’ll help you with all the tools you need to show friends and family how they can join the HOT community.
  2. Support HOT’s mission throughout the year with a monthly gift. Even $5 per month helps us train new mappers, support local communities through Microgrants and keep our mapping apps online for another volunteer to use.
  3. Continue your commitment: A one-time gift can also have a great impact to help us prepare and be ready to respond.
  4. Spread the word -- not everyone knows about the power and potential of OpenStreetMap. You can share this page or our Facebook page with a future fellow mapper.