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News — 07 November, 2022

Second Call for applications for Asia-Pacific University Students Clubs Sponsorship!

Applications for Asia-Pacific University Students Clubs Sponsorship are open again!

We are very happy to announce that the following 10 university student clubs will be sponsored by the Open Mapping Hub Asia-Pacific until September 2023:

We believe that active and continuous open mapping activities in universities are key to creating sustainable open mapping ecosystems. We envision universities and student organizations playing a key role in supporting the growth of OpenStreetMap (OSM) and open mapping communities where future experts meet open mapping technologies and practices for the first time. Since OMHAP aspires to catalyze OSM and open mapping research in the region, we are excited to acknowledge and support this movement.

For this 2nd sponsorship call, The Open Mapping Hub Asia-Pacific (OMHAP) is offering grants to 15 student clubs from universities in the Asia-Pacific region. The Student Clubs Sponsorship Call is aimed at supporting the student organizations to implement OSM and other open mapping activities for one year to:

  • Increase their membership

  • Increase students’ knowledge and interest in OSM and open mapping for impact

  • Expand the map in their locality

  • Explore the potential to integrate open mapping in the classroom and in research.

The sponsorship amount will be up to $1000 (USD) per applicant. This is a flexible fund that can be used for a wide range of OSM/open-mapping activities.

What is the Club Sponsorship?

The Student Club Sponsorship program is open to student groups from all disciplines and departments that can potentially utilize and benefit from OSM and open mapping. These departments can be (but not limited to):

  • Geomatics

  • Geography

  • Cartography

  • Computer Sciences & Engineering

  • Civil & Environmental Engineering

  • Agricultural Engineering

  • City & Regional Planning

  • Architecture

  • and others

The sponsorship can be utilized by the recipients to conduct regular OSM and open mapping related activities such as training, seminars, and workshops throughout the year. The activities should ensure the recipients are able to sustain a vibrant OSM community and open mapping activity in the coming years.

During the sponsorship period, OMHAP will provide orientation, coordination, and knowledge-sharing support to the recipient student organizations. The recipients will be required to regularly update OMHAP through coaching sessions and progress reports during the sponsorship period. In addition to that, OMHAP is also willing to discuss strategies and methods with the faculty members, if requested, to implement open mapping in the classroom, and in research.

Who Can Apply?

  • You must be a registered student club/organization at your university.

  • You must be an active student club, able to document activities within the past year, unless you are newly established.

  • You must be within Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team’s priority countries for Asia-Pacific to be eligible for application.

  • Existing YouthMappers chapters can apply. However, priority will be given to applicants who are not part of the YouthMappers network but are willing to be a part of it.

What this sponsorship does not support?

  • Expenses, tools, devices, or furniture for personal use.

  • Cash prizes and cash give-aways.

  • Professional services or certified training exceeding 33% of the allocated budget.

  • Personnel wages, travels, or per diems.

How to Apply?

You need to provide:

  • Filled-in Sponsorship Slide Template (provided here)

  • Activity report (in PDF format) for the past year, or links to social media channels for proof of activity

  • Filled-in itemized budget plan Template (provided here)

If considered for sponsorship, OMHAP will provide feedback to you in order to further improve your activity plan and your sponsorship budget plans. You will also be requested to submit the following documents before signing the sponsorship agreement:

  • Certificate of registration/acknowledgement from your university

  • Full names, contact details, and proof of affiliation of key personnel

  • Other necessary financial due diligence documents

Selection Process and Timeline:

  • December 1: Application Deadline

  • December 10: EXTENDED DEADLINE

  • December 15: Notification of sponsorship recipients and the start of due diligence and risk assessment period for sponsorship agreements

  • January 2023: Start of sponsorship period


The Open Mapping Hub - Asia Pacific was established in early 2021 to advance the open mapping movement in the Asia-Pacific region, in collaboration with the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT). The hub engages open mapping organizations and communities in the region to facilitate the exchange of ideas and expertise across 25 countries in the region. We also provide financial and technical support to massively scale local edits on OSM.

By prioritizing local mapping organizations and communities, facilitating knowledge exchange, distributing funding, and providing training and support, we are focusing efforts to work with local organizations and communities to drive high-quality, ethical, local data use cases.



For further questions please contact AP Hub OSM Trainer, Can Unen at