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News — 04 July, 2018

Community Knowledge Sharing Webinar Series

Join 15 OSM communities this July to hear about their experiences focusing on gender, youth, data integration, leave no one behind, and advocacy.

Be part of the Community Knowledge Sharing Webinar series this July as we celebrate the successes of Nethope Device Challenge and HOT Microgrant communities. The goal of these webinars is for OSM communities to share their experiences, challenges and ideas on five central themes - gender, youth, advocacy, data integration and Leave No One Behind. Each webinar will have 3 communities presenting, followed by an open discussion around challenges they’ve faced along the road, with the goal to share learnings across community projects.

Gender Topic: Join Geochicas, UniqueMappersTeam Nigeria, and Crowd2Map Tanzania to hear about how they are increasing contributions from female mappers as well as mapping gender-based issues Date: July 11th 5pm-6pm UTC Eventbrite:

Data Integration Topic: Mapeando Meu Bairro, Mongolian YouthMappers and OSM Zambia will be sharing how they engage with different local actors to ensure the data they produce is relevant Date: July 12th 11am-12pm UTC Eventbrite:

Advocacy Topic: Hear from MapKibera, OSM Mali and OSM Sri Lanka how best to enable communities to advocate using OSM data produce is relevant Date: July 12th 12pm-1pm UTC Eventbrite:

Youth Topic: GAL School Peru, YMCA The Gambia, and OpenStreetMap Liberia will be sharing ways in which they are empowering young people through the use of OpenStreetMap Date: July 13th 3pm-4pm UTC Eventbrite:

Leave No one Behind Topic: Hear from Bangladesh Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Operations Team (BHOOT), Fundacion OSM Colombia and OSM Niger on the work they are doing to surface invisible communities, and support marginalised groups through OSM Date: July 16th 2pm-3pm UTC Eventbrite: