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News — 04 October, 2018

Hacktoberfest: A Call for Contributing to Social Impact Projects

Join in the celebration of open source software by contributing to the Tasking Manager or other open source projects maintained by HOT.

It’s October and Hacktoberfest has started. Hacktoberfest is the annual celebration of open source software hosted by Digital Ocean, GitHub, and Twilio to promote contributing to open source projects. This year GitHub is calling for a Social Impact Challenge during the month to highlight open source projects focused on social impact. We’re working with GitHub to have the Tasking Manager project highlighted as open source project available for contributions.

Join us in celebrating open source by working on the Tasking Manager or any of HOT’s other open source projects. Keep reading for what we’re focused on this Hacktoberfest and how you can get started. Or jump in and check out our projects and then sign up for GitHub’s Challenge.

Highlighting priorities

Anyone can get involved with our projects. In addition to the Tasking Manager, HOT has over 15 active open source open source projects. Interested? Here are the projects we’re highlighting alongside the Tasking Manager that have introductory issues for first-time contributors.

Haven’t contributed before or want to offer a small contribution to start with? Check out the Easy Difficulty issues. Or if you’re interested in tackling a harder problem, look at the Medium or Hard level problems to see where you can get involved.

You don’t have to be a programmer to participate. We have a diverse set of tasks for anyone to work on.

Steps to contribute

Here’s how you contribute:

  • You need a GitHub account. If you don’t have one yet, you can create one for free.
  • Then go to the Hacktoberfest registration page and register yourself for the event.
  • Navigate to the repository of your choice and go through the issue list. You can also narrow down issues by Hacktoberfest or difficulty labels. Feel free to open a new issue if you notice any possible feature refinement for the tools.
  • Fork the relevant repository under your namespace.
  • Clone the fork in your local machine and setup the development environment following the documentation
  • Create a separate branch on your fork for the issue that you wish to work on.
  • Push your changes to the forked repository and then create a pull request on the main repository.
  • If you still need help, ask for help on the relevant issue.

A start to additional volunteer opportunities

This month also marks a starting point for new tech volunteer opportunities and roles within HOT. We will be rolling out more clarified ways you can be a volunteer with non-mapping activities with HOT’s open source tools. Stay tuned to further calls for helping support the HOT Community through open source project contributions and support.

Thank you to GitHub, Twillio, and Digital Ocean for helping organize Hacktoberfest. Happy contributing!