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News — 28 July, 2018

HOT Conversations at State of the Map 2018

There has been a lot of activity lately within the HOT Community and we’re ready to share this at State of the Map 2018 in Milan this weekend. Many from the community will be in attendance, giving talks, or holding birds of a feather conversations.

Here is a quick rundown of talks from community members and some of the birds of a feather conversations being planned. This is only the talks and workshops, there a number of lightning talks as well. Check out the full program or watch the live stream.

Talks and Workshops

  • Kate Chapman and Heather Leson, Keynote, Saturday @ 10:00

  • Chad Blevins, Interpreting Imagery for OpenStreetMap, Saturday @ 11:30

  • Paul Uithol & Nate Smith, Field Mapping tools & technologies, Saturday @ 12:00

  • Ben Abelshausen & Joost Schouppe, The Belgian perspective to building OpenStreetMap community, Saturday @ 14:10

  • Yantisa Akhadi, Mapping Competition with Focus on Quality: Lesson Learned, Saturday @ 16:40

  • Heather Leson, Open Gender Monologues, Saturday @ 16:40

  • Sajjad Anwar, Pinpointing the power grid, Saturday @ 17:10

  • Wille Marcel Lima Malheiro, Improving OSMCha for the community, Saturday @ 17:10

  • Céline Jacquin, Network for transport open data, Sunday @ 10:00

  • Sajjad Anwar, Humans and Machines Mapping Together, Sunday @ 12:00

  • Céline Jacquin, The road towards diversity in OSM still needs to be mapped, Sunday @ 14:00

  • Marco Minghini & Luca Delucchi, Investigating the OSM mapping process after disasters: OsmEventAnalyst and its application for the 2016 Italian earthquakes, Sunday @ 14:30

  • Ben Abelshausen, An OSM embassey—a community-driven non-profit mapping agency, Sunday @ 16:00

  • Rebecca Firth, OSM Community Grants: sharing experiences, Sunday @ 16:30

  • Ben Abelshausen, Road Completion in Belgium - Mapping & verifying all the roads, Monday @ 09:30

  • Kuo-Yu slayer Chuang, Form & Map based Mobile OSM Tool for Field Survey and Validation, Monday @ 10:30

  • Geoffrey Kateregga, Community Mapping for Refugees in Uganda, Monday @ 14:30

  • Drishtie Patel, OSM at Facebook, Monday @ 15:30

  • Taichi Furuhashi, DRONEBIRDs are go!, Monday @ 15:30

  • Wulansari Khairunisa, Indonesia Road Mapping: Challenges and Opportunities, Monday @ 16:00

Birds of a Feather

  • OSM Analytics, Saturday @ 14:00

  • Mapathon with YouthMappers/PoliMappers, Sunday @ 16:45

  • Tasking Manager Roadmap, Monday @ 10:15

  • Machine Learning Best Practices, Monday @ 11:30

After State of the Map is over, we’ll post links to the videos and pictures online here. Reach out on Twitter if you want to meet up with anyone from the HOT community while you’re in Milan, we’d love to see you!