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News — 23 January, 2020

MapCampaigner Gets New Look and Features for 2020

MapCampaigner is our open source tool that monitors the quality and progress of OpenStreetMap field mapping anywhere around the world. For 2020, we've made it better.

MapCampaigner has a new look! We spent the fall of 2019 conducting user research to better understand how users interact with MapCampaigner. This research has informed a new layout and added functionality. Since October we’ve been busy implementing this new design, fixing bugs, and adding new features, including downloadable MBTiles for your project area and a PDF atlas for printing in the field.

What’s New?

Bug fixes: To kick-off the redesign work, we addressed several issues reported on the MapCampaigner Github. These fixes ranged from fixing the layout to data processing errors and performance improvements.

Redesign: Our redesign is based on feedback from users. With their help, we simplified functions from campaign creation and management to viewing and exploring data in MapCampaigner.

Russ MapCampaigner 2.png

MBTiles: In addition to the new layout and user flow, MapCampaigner has gained some new features to streamline field mapping projects. Users can directly download OpenStreetMap tiles as MBtiles for use with offline field mapping tools such as OpenMapKit and OpenDataKit.

Russ MapCampaigner 3.png

PDF atlas: MapCampaigner projects now automatically generate a PDF atlas for the project area. This makes it easy for field surveyors and others to print a physical copy of the map, providing a backup solution for data collection. This feature borrows a lot from Field Papers, but directly integrates the PDF creation with your MapCampaigner project.

Russ MapCampaigner 4.png

Check out these new exciting updates at and head over to the MapCampainger Github to contribute new functionality or report any issues.

Do you need to monitor the quality and process of OpenStreetMap field mapping? MapCampaigner can help! Learn how to use it.