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HOT in Sumbawa Island, Indonesia

Emir Hartato

5 July, 2011


HOT in Indonesia

Soon after HOT got started there was discussion around the idea of pre-mapping before a disaster. Previously there have been meetings and discussions, but...

Kate Chapman - 3 July, 2011


Bevölkerungsschutz und Katastrophenhilfe

On May 28th members of the OpenStreetMap community met with employees of the Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance ("Bundesamt für Bevölkerungsschutz...

Harry Wood - 16 June, 2011


Continuing HOT Activation for the Ivory Coast

HOT activated in December of 2010 for the Ivory Coast following the Presidential Election crisis. During that time the OpenStreetMap information collected has been...

Kate Chapman - 17 May, 2011


Japan earthquake and tsunami

OpenStreetMap used as a basemap for live disaster reports We've all been too busy for blogging lately, but the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team is of...

Harry Wood - 21 March, 2011


Haiti OSM Mapping for Japan and Libya

The COSMHA team came in for a training today on aerial imagery tracing and some review of fundamentals. Despite the initial remote Haiti OSM...

Mikel Maron - 15 March, 2011


An Midday Hour of Mapping on LogBase in Port au Prince

Erica and I have been in Haiti for almost a week. Inspiring and overwhelming, and lots to talk about. But for this moment, just...

Mikel Maron - 11 March, 2011


Tufts Crisis Mapping Class

The Tufts University Crisis Mapping Class is surveying the tools, ideas, and networks in new approaches to crisis response. There was a class on...

Mikel Maron - 17 February, 2011


Please join! HOT conference call, February 16 12pm EST

Hello all, It's been an amazing year for OpenStreetMap and the H.O.T. community. We've supported humanitarian efforts and built capacities on every continent. Starting...

Mikel Maron - 9 February, 2011


A Big Thank You to a Few of Our Supporters

As an organization, HOT is almost 100% bootstrapped.  We are volunteer driven with most of our costs being project related and paid for by...

robert - 26 January, 2011


The new HOT logo

It is my pleasure to present the new Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team logo: Throughout December we held a logo design competition, inviting the community to...

Harry Wood - 25 January, 2011


Introducing COSMHA

A new organization has been formed to sustain, support, and grow the local OpenStreetMap Community in Haiti.  COSMHA, or Comunite OpenStreetMap de Haiti, was formed...

robert - 14 January, 2011


Ivory Coast post electoral crisis

The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) activated as political tension increased dramatically in Ivory Coast in the aftermath of the presidential election this late December...

Nicolas Chavent - 31 December, 2010


HOT's Proposal for the Knight News Challenge

Since March HOT has been holding trainings in Haiti on how to contribute to OpenStreetMap. We've travel to many of the earthquake effected areas...

Kate Chapman - 24 November, 2010


Maps for Mozambique

This post has simultaneously published at the Spanish Spatial Data Infrastructures blog Last week was a small adventure. I went to Mozambique to make...

Iván Sánchez Ortega - 17 November, 2010


Fourth deploy of the HOT to Haiti: camp mapping project with IOM

It has been one week since Kate and I came back from Haiti where HOT deployed to grow OSM capacities within the Communication Unit...

Nicolas Chavent - 8 September, 2010