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Processing Fresh Imagery for Nepal Earthquake Response

Cristiano Giovando

29 April, 2015


We are heads down on processing imagery from DigitalGlobe, Airbus and other major satellite providers to aid the Nepal earthquake response. So far, we have processed and made available over 3,000 square kilometers of updated imagery!

OpenStreetMap community India rallies in aid of their neighbor Nepal Report #3

[Ed. Note: Guest post from By Sajjad Anwar] The OpenStreetMap community all over India is rallying to aid its neighbor Nepal after the most...

Heather Leson - 28 April, 2015


HOT Activates for Nepal Response - Report #2

HOT has been active almost 20 hours since the devastating earthquake in Nepal. Our thoughts are with the affected communities and our fellow Mappers...

Heather Leson - 26 April, 2015


Strong Earthquake in Nepal - HOT Activates! Report #1

We are sad to report that there has been a major earthquake in Nepal. The best place to get information about HOT's response is...

Russell Deffner - 25 April, 2015


Updates from Dar es Salaam

For the past three weeks, the HOT team in Tanzania comprising of Steven Bukulu, Geoffrey Kateregga, Paul Uithol and Jeff  Haack has been involved...

Geoffrey Kateregga - 22 April, 2015


HOT says Farewell to our Kate

Kate Chapman.  Leader, friend, mentor, creator, grant writer, smart girl, cool-chick, adventurer, founder, volunteer.  These are many of the wonderful traits that make up...

Kristen Egermeier - 10 April, 2015



Preparations, Preparations and Lots of Preparations is how best i can describe the third of the OSM Training in Tanzania.   We reported at...

Steven Bukulu - 25 March, 2015



 On many occasions i used to wonder how birds feel when they fly above us, maybe or maybe not it could be one of...

Steven Bukulu - 24 March, 2015


Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team seeks Interim Executive Director

HOT has grown from a community of contributors with an idea to a global community and organization with many successes. HOT has some exciting...

Heather Leson - 17 March, 2015


Mapping Vanuatu Islands

The Cyclone has come and gone from Vanuatu Islands. The devastation is massive with the BBC reporting that Development has been wiped out. In...

Heather Leson - 16 March, 2015


Taller de Mapeo Humanitario – Isla de León, Colombia

Para celebrar el Open Data Day, se organizó por parte de TECHO,la Universidad de San Buenaventura (seccional de Cartagena) y con el apoyo de...

Blake Girardot - 6 March, 2015


HOT Called Upon to Support Disaster Response in Malawi Flooding

The southern parts of Malawi along the Lower Shire River (that connects Lake Malawi and the Zambezi River) are frequently flooded, and that flooding affects the villages of farmers near the river. Since mid January 2015, they have been hit critically. The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) was involved in a community mapping and training project in Malawi last year and has been requested to provide baseline data of the affected areas.

Séverin Ménard - 26 February, 2015


Updates from the OpenAerialMap Project

Aerial imagery today is available from a variety of sources including traditional satellites, nano satellites, manned and unmanned aircrafts, mapping drones, balloons and kites....

Cristiano Giovando - 26 February, 2015


Welcome New Members!

The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team is pleased to announce the election of twenty-five (25) new voting members to our organization. They are an amazing group...

Russell Deffner - 20 February, 2015


First official Missing Maps field mapping!

Already for a big week now, Pete Masters and I have been in Bangladesh for the first official field mapping of the Missing Maps...

Jorieke Vyncke - 24 January, 2015


People we can count on: Thank you again Lokku!

 As a small non-profit taking on a very big job, HOT relies on a lot of people to help us accomplish our mission of...

Blake Girardot - 21 January, 2015