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Faces of HOT: Two New Board Members, Pierre Beland and Joseph Reeves

21 January, 2013


Pierre Béland and Joseph Reeves were voted onto the HOT board last week. Their nominations put the board to a total of seven for this year (with continuing five other members being Nicolas Chavent, Schuyler Erle, Mikel Maron, John Crowley and Harry Wood). They join the board after multiple years of active volunteering and coordinating of HOT projects.

[inline:pierre-beland.png]Pierre Beland comes from Monteal, Canada. An economist/programmer in his previous life, He has set up many remote projects, most currently in the DRC with Claire Halleux. You can read about that active project here.


OpenStreetMap Usage in Jakarta Flood Response

Days of rain in Jakarta and surrounding areas have caused massive flooding in the region. Today (Friday) the flooding has eased somewhat but thousands of people remain displaced and 11 people have died. A state of emergency has been called until January 27th for Indonesia's capital city.

Kate Chapman - 18 January, 2013


Completion of Intermediate Workshops

The six pilot workshops to the BNPB on intermediate OSM skills were completed earlier this week. Our team of eight HOT trainers finished their last workshop to members of the Kupang government with an interesting ending. The day we ended our workshop we flew home to a flooded Jakarta. The BNPB had sent us the maps, which used the OSM data we gathered last year as a base map, that showed the affected areas. (Though we knew what to expect when heading home, it still was a shock to see so many roads flooded and people surrendering their beds and belongings to higher ground. Read more about the Jakarta Floods here.)

Katrina E. - 18 January, 2013


Animating the OSM Senegal Community

In Dakar, back from Saint-Louis where I have been mostly working animating the OSM SN community in this town harnessing on our partnerships with BantaLabs and University Gaston Berger and reaching out to new partners from NGOs and Governements. Prior getting into details about those intense and rich days for the OSM Project Senegal and its community, I'd like to take a look back at the past weeks since the end of the HOT set up mission of this program by Mid December.

At BarCamp Thies

I spent a week in Dakar preparing with some active mappers of the OSM SN community the attendance of the Thies BarCamp organized by the Senegalese OpenSource movement.

15 January, 2013


Back to Senegal, Further Creating a Mapping Community

Augustin and I conducted HOT’s third deployment HOT to Senegal 24 November to 15 December, 2012. The main objective: set-up Augustin Doury for five months of volunteering to grow the OSM SN community and to improve the maps of the area. This initiative has been possible with the funding of Fondation de France (FDF) and our partnership with OpenStreetMap France.

Nicolas Chavent - 9 January, 2013


Mapping Selayar Island with Help from MapBox and GeoEye

We first meet the ACCESS partners from Selayar Island at a workshop in Bali in December 2011. After this workshop ACCESS organized their own...

Kate Chapman - 4 January, 2013


Public/Private Partnership to Map West Nusa Tenggara

In December an exciting partnership agreement was signed in Indonesia which will continue the creation of freely available OpenStreetMap data in the West Nusa...

Kate Chapman - 3 January, 2013


2012 Was HOT...Can't Wait for 2013

Closing out 2012 HOT has been officially in existence for over two and a half years. We continue to be able to do more to work to ensure geodata is freely available in times of crisis and natural disasters. I'm proud of the progress we've made and I'm excited to continue it into 2013. We have continued to respond remotely with the network for OpenStreetMap volunteers to respond to crisis and with donor partners to work on disaster preparedness project in seven countries. Additionally we have begun to be able to do strategic organizational work that will allow the continued growth of the organization.

Kate Chapman - 2 January, 2013


Faces of HOT: Mikel Maron, HOT President and Co-Founder

As one of the co-founders of HOT, Mikel has years of experience working on mapping projects all around the world. After studying computer science at the University of California: Santa Cruz, he got his start with Yahoo and wrote some of the first code for OSM in 2005. His programming and geography skills have enabled him to contribute to the general OpenStreetMap project and various aspects of the Humanitarian OpenstreetMap Team.

Katrina E. - 18 December, 2012


HOT goes Cartographic with TileMill

What good are maps if they are not beautiful? Last week, Jeff Haack and I taught the eight Indonesian trainers how to use Mapbox...

Katrina E. - 17 December, 2012


HOT Activation, Sud et Nord Kivu, République démocratique du Congo

Situation inquiétante dans les Kivus 2012-12-16 Compte-tenu que la situation devient plus grave, HOT modifie le statut de Pré-Activation à Activation. À la fin...

Pierre Béland - 13 December, 2012


HOT Activation, South and North Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo

Worrying situation in the Kivus 2012-12-16 Given the more severe situation in the Kivus, HOT changes the status from Pre-Activation to Activation. In a...

Pierre Béland - 12 December, 2012


Intermediate Trainings Begin

Last week, we started intermediate training for the six disaster prone provinces that we are piloting. Our intermediate material covers some gaps that we did not have time to cover in the beginning workshops, like how to offset imagery that is incorrectly georeferenced and/or conflict resolution.We covered general topics that focused on better OSM editing and validating: 01. Editing in Detail 1.5. Conflict Resolution02. Quality Assurance (and the Tasking Manager)03. Editing the Wiki 04. Creating XML and JOSM presets05. Private Data Store

Katrina E. - 7 December, 2012


OSM FlossManuals in Kreyòl

This week in Port-au-Prince is happening a booksprint to write a kreyol manual of OpenStreetMap.
On Saturday December 8, the Haitian community will have a manual in its own language.

Floss Manuals ?

Floss Manuals is a platform that promote and organise the realisation of manuals about free libre open source softwares and free culture.We mostly use the booksprint methodology in order to produce the manual in a week. Yes: within 5 days, 5-8 participants from different though complementary horizons, decides of the table of content, write the content, take care of the correction process and have the book published (online and possibly on paper format).

Anne Goldenberg - 5 December, 2012


Faces of HOT: Volunteer Joseph Reeves

We have been fortunate to get a few volunteers for this Indonesian project. One of them is the brazen Joseph Reeves (see the pictures below to get an idea of his fame). Joseph works as the IT coordinator at the Oxford Archaeology, but twice he has devoted his vacation time to the Indonesian project. He has helped lead workshops on the basics of OpenstreetMap. [inline:jose.jpg]

Katrina E. - 22 November, 2012


Faces of HOT: Meet Dewi, Indonesian OSM Trainer

Since August 2012, the HOT team has included eight Indonesian trainers who teach beginning and, soon, intermediate and advanced OSM workshops all over Indonesia. Six of these OSM instructors were hired in August, while two (Emir and Va) have been working with Kate since June 2011. This week, we will meet Dewi Sulistioningrum (say that ten times fast...).

Katrina E. - 7 November, 2012