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Wrapping up the Libyan Health Facility Activation

Mikel Maron

31 January, 2012


On January 14, we formally closed HOT's activation to help map health facilities in Libya.

This was definitely a new kind of activity for HOT. To start, we were directly by WHO to take part, and staff at the Tunis WMC office was incredibly active in the entire process.

Back, back, back to Sumbawa

This week Vasanthi, Emir and I returned to Bima and Dompu. It is always interesting when you leave someone with technology alone and then come back and see what they have done. Questions often have often built up, but usually some solutions as well. People don’t wait for your to return to move forward, they usually either abandon what they have been taught or adapt to their own situations and uses. Bima and Dompu were no different.

Kate Chapman - 31 January, 2012


Setting Up in Saint Marc, Haiti

Having had a brief moment to get out footing in Saint Marc, we were supplied with our next missions to accomplish. The supplies for the team to conduct their work and training in Saint Marc arrived and with it came the need to set up, inventory, and configure all of the equipment for the next weeks work.

Brian Wolford - 28 January, 2012


A week in between Pap and Saint Marc

17-Jan, Tuesday morning, hitting the road to Saint Marc after a couple of days preparing at the HC Resource Center ( It feels good...

Brian Wolford - 27 January, 2012


HOT at Haiti Communitere

Since returning to Haiti in preparation of launching the Saint Marc mapping program with COSMHA, HOT has been staying at the Haiti Communitere (HC) Resourse Center. HC offers an open space, where organizations of many type are able to come to launch project within Haiti. They are very valuable to organizations such as HOT because they allow us to arrive and use this incredibly flexible support environment to get things started or in country.

Nicolas Chavent - 25 January, 2012


A return to Haiti two years on

It is January 12th, 2012, 2 years after the quake, that I started my eighth trip to Haiti where HOT will partner with the...

Nicolas Chavent - 12 January, 2012


HOT Collaboration with GIS Corps!

GIS Corps is joining together with HOT again for a joint project.  The first collaboration between HOT and GIS Corps occurred during the Samoa...

Kate Chapman - 10 January, 2012


Christmas donation from nestoria

Nestoria have given a very generous donation to the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team In a blog post CEO Ed Freyfogle explains: "...rather than sending our...

Harry Wood - 7 January, 2012


Schuyler Erle and John Crowley join the board

We'd like to welcome two new members to the board of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team: Schuyler Erle - Long time pioneer of open Source...

Harry Wood - 21 December, 2011


Activation to Map Libyan Health Facilities

The World Health Organization (WHO) has asked HOT and the Stand By Task Force (SBTF) to activate to map health facilities in in Libya....

Mikel Maron - 20 December, 2011


Cooperation between HOT and DigitalGlobe in Turkey

  We almost forgot to report on our earthquake response in Turkey from this October.  Fortunately Suha Ulgen recently did an interview that reminded...

Kate Chapman - 18 December, 2011


OpenStreetMap and Quantum GIS Training in Bali

On 5th "“ 6th December 2011, HOT came to Bali for another training. Here we were working with Australian Community Development and Civil Society...

Emir Hartato - 8 December, 2011


Poverty Mapping with an OpenStreetMap Base in Sumbawa

During HOT's time working in Indonesia we've met with many different groups doing different types of mapping. One of the more common types is...

Kate Chapman - 2 December, 2011


Meetings, Conferences and Coordination in Geneva

2 weeks ago Nicolas Chavent and I spent the week in Geneva. The initial impetus for the trip was the 3rd annual International Conference...

Kate Chapman - 27 November, 2011


The Amazing OSM Community, and the Tasking Server, Maps Swaziland

One month ago, I asked what to do with 10 million GPS points, and it turns out one awesome answer is map an entire...

Mikel Maron - 11 November, 2011