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The new HOT logo

It is my pleasure to present the new Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team logo: Throughout December we held a logo design competition, inviting the community to...

Harry Wood - 25 January, 2011


Introducing COSMHA

A new organization has been formed to sustain, support, and grow the local OpenStreetMap Community in Haiti.  COSMHA, or Comunite OpenStreetMap de Haiti, was formed...

robert - 14 January, 2011


Ivory Coast post electoral crisis

The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) activated as political tension increased dramatically in Ivory Coast in the aftermath of the presidential election this late December...

Nicolas Chavent - 31 December, 2010


HOT's Proposal for the Knight News Challenge

Since March HOT has been holding trainings in Haiti on how to contribute to OpenStreetMap. We've travel to many of the earthquake effected areas...

Kate Chapman - 24 November, 2010


Maps for Mozambique

This post has simultaneously published at the Spanish Spatial Data Infrastructures blog Last week was a small adventure. I went to Mozambique to make...

Iván Sánchez Ortega - 17 November, 2010


Fourth deploy of the HOT to Haiti: camp mapping project with IOM

It has been one week since Kate and I came back from Haiti where HOT deployed to grow OSM capacities within the Communication Unit...

Nicolas Chavent - 8 September, 2010


Pakistan SPOT imagery coverage extended

The coverage of the SPOT imagery has recently been shifted and much extended, to cover a great deal more of the flood affected area...

Harry Wood - 4 September, 2010


Pakistan floods

In July Pakistan was hit by massive flooding. Monsoon rainfall continues to feed the floods and the flood itself has killed tens of thousands...

Harry Wood - 25 August, 2010


HOT Mission 4 to Haiti

Information Kiosk (image courtesy Leonard Doyle) Nicolas and I are back down in Haiti until the end of August. There was just as much...

Kate Chapman - 22 August, 2010


HOT thoughts by Trevor

Membership on the HOT team is quite the trying experience. There are always long days of work with early mornings and late nights. It's...

Trevor Ellerman - 29 June, 2010


Haiti mission 3 - A final mapping party in Carrefour (Port Au Prince) at The Base Navale Amiral Killic and ADRA.

The final day of HOT's third deployment to Haiti was no less busy than all the other days.  This training day did in a...

Nicolas Chavent - 28 June, 2010


Haiti mission 3 - Training and Mapping Party in Gonaïves

The first actual mapping party of this mission was scheduled for 25-27 June in this town of Northern Haiti. In OpenStreetMap a mapping party...

Kate Chapman - 27 June, 2010


Haiti mission 3 - Jacmel and Leogane reports

The team left in a convoy formed by two pick-ups from the Shelter Cluster since the World Food Program (WFP) & the UN Logistics...

Nicolas Chavent - 24 June, 2010


Haiti mission 3 - Week 1 in Port-au-Prince

As Week 1, Mission 3 wraps up in Port-au-Prince the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team performed a review class on Sunday for anyone previously trained in...

Kate Chapman - 21 June, 2010


Haiti mission 3 - Training Day with the IOM Community Mobilizers

Today was the first day of training with the community mobilizers from IOM (International Office for Migration). These 25 young Haitians mostly engaged in...

Kate Chapman - 20 June, 2010