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Harry Wood

7 January, 2012


Schuyler Erle and John Crowley join the board

We'd like to welcome two new members to the board of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team: Schuyler Erle - Long time pioneer of open Source...

Harry Wood - 21 December, 2011


Activation to Map Libyan Health Facilities

The World Health Organization (WHO) has asked HOT and the Stand By Task Force (SBTF) to activate to map health facilities in in Libya....

Mikel Maron - 20 December, 2011


Cooperation between HOT and DigitalGlobe in Turkey

  We almost forgot to report on our earthquake response in Turkey from this October.  Fortunately Suha Ulgen recently did an interview that reminded...

Kate Chapman - 18 December, 2011


OpenStreetMap and Quantum GIS Training in Bali

On 5th "“ 6th December 2011, HOT came to Bali for another training. Here we were working with Australian Community Development and Civil Society...

Emir Hartato - 8 December, 2011


Poverty Mapping with an OpenStreetMap Base in Sumbawa

During HOT's time working in Indonesia we've met with many different groups doing different types of mapping. One of the more common types is...

Kate Chapman - 2 December, 2011


Meetings, Conferences and Coordination in Geneva

2 weeks ago Nicolas Chavent and I spent the week in Geneva. The initial impetus for the trip was the 3rd annual International Conference...

Kate Chapman - 27 November, 2011


The Amazing OSM Community, and the Tasking Server, Maps Swaziland

One month ago, I asked what to do with 10 million GPS points, and it turns out one awesome answer is map an entire...

Mikel Maron - 11 November, 2011


7 Indonesian Students goes to Denver for SotM and FOSS4G!

We hope you guys still remember about our project in Indonesia. There was a mapping competition happen during the project and the winner was announced...

Emir Hartato - 28 September, 2011


HOT Tasks! Get Your HOT Tasks!

A couple weeks ago Patrick Meier wrote about HOT's new tool for tasking, the OpenStreetMap Tasking Manager. Now it has finally moved to its permanent

Kate Chapman - 20 September, 2011


Meeting face-to-face at SOTM Denver

Many members of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team have managed to come together in Denver for the State Of The Map. Things are always a...

Harry Wood - 11 September, 2011


Activation in Somalia

HOT has activated to improve OSM, for the drought and famine crisis in East Africa. Read on for the background, the actions we're taking,...

Mikel Maron - 19 August, 2011


End of an Era or at Least Internship

Friday marked the end of Va and Emir's internship with HOT this summer.  We were fortunate to have rockstar interns for this project.  You...

Kate Chapman - 31 July, 2011


Schuyler Erle's presentation at State Of The Map EU

The organisers of State Of The Map Europe have done a great job of rapidly publishing videos of the conference presentations (little camera icons...

Harry Wood - 18 July, 2011


Keren OSM (Bantaeng and Kupang, Indonesia)

Over the past several weeks a pair of HOT teams has been bouncing around Indonesia, teaching community facilitators from ACCESS about OpenStreetMap and discussing...

Jeff Haack - 17 July, 2011


HOT in Sumba Island, Indonesia

  Sumba Island, Indonesia Before you read this, please don't be confused with article: HOT in Sumbawa Island, Indonesia. Sumba and Sumbawa are different...

Emir Hartato - 11 July, 2011