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Mission 2: report on field trips to Jacmel and Leogane

First Stop: Jacmel On May 19th we departed Port Au Prince enroute for the town of Jacmel. The trip took us 100 km south...

Dane Springmeyer - 3 June, 2010


May Mid-Mission to Haiti Report From Nicolas and Dane

Our second week here in Haiti is off to a fast start, and we look forward to sending a more detailed report upon its...

Website Administrator - 19 May, 2010


Haiti, Mission 2 by Mikel

Nicolas Chavent and Dane Springmeyer are now on Haitian soil for HOT. It was just a few weeks ago that Nicolas and Robert returned...

Mikel Maron - 10 May, 2010


Mission 1: recap from third week conducting outreach and training on OSM in Haiti by Nicolas

Back to base (Brittany, France) at the end of the third week of this OSM/HOT mission in Haiti of which you'll find the main...

Nicolas Chavent - 17 April, 2010


Mission 1: recap of the second week conducting training and outreach on OpenStreetMap in Haiti by Robert

Earlier this week I arrived back in Washington, DC after a two week stay in Port-au-Prince with the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team where I conducted...

robert - 8 April, 2010


Mission 1: recap of the first week conducting training and outreach on OpenStreetMap in Haiti by Robert and Nicolas

The training and outreach around OpenStreetMap that Nicolas and I are doing in Haiti as part of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (aka HOT) is...

robert - 21 March, 2010


Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team Deploying to Haiti by Mikel

This weekend, Nicolas Chavent and Robert Soden will deploy to Haiti for the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team. MapAction and OCHA are facilitating this mission, with...

Mikel Maron - 17 March, 2010


HOT List by Mikel

The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team now has a mailing list. During crisis, the HOT list supports coordination among the OSM community, along side appropriate local...

Mikel Maron - 2 March, 2010


Humanitarian OSM Team: Haiti Strategy and Proposal

Who, what, where, and how are all open questions. Why is simple "¦ OpenStreetMap has demonstrated incredible value in Haiti and we need to...

Mikel Maron - 9 February, 2010


Haiti OpenStreetMap Response by Mikel

Mikel Maron - 12 January, 2010