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News — 22 April, 2020

Tasking Manager gets a makeover

The latest software version 4 of Tasking Manager has just been released with a number of enhancements that will improve users’ experience of collaborative mapping in OpenStreetMap.

Tasking Manager has evolved: technically and visually. Guided by our valued community of users, who participated in our user experience discovery, the HOT tech team listened. We have redesigned and enhanced our user interface using state of the art programming libraries.

What is Tasking Manager?

The Tasking Manager, built by Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) is designed to coordinate mapping in OpenStreetMap. Tasking manager enables anyone, anywhere in the world to contribute to humanitarian responses and development programs that improve people’s lives. It is the leading tool for coordinating volunteers and organizing groups on OpenStreetMap.

A new approach, a new experience:

Our new experience and new look is built with and for our users. Changes include user stories that promote: simplified sign up, project discovery and contribution review. We have also enhanced our mapping colour palette to improve accessibility to mappers who may be visually impaired.

blog-post-1-image-2 (1).jpg

iD integrated

We have integrated the iD editor, the most popular OpenStreetMap mapping tool. The integration of the iD editor moves users from task selection to contribution more simply and smoothly. Task selection, editing and saving can all be done from the Tasking Manager, no more tricky tab switching! This change brings Tasking Manager one step closer to mapping in directly.

Coordinating teams and organizations

Managing projects has become even easier and more comfortable. Organizations can now create and manage teams. This change improves quality assurance and collaborative project management, particularly during high need events such as mapathons and disaster response.

Thanks to our awesome community, Tasking Manager 4 is already available in 14 languages. You are welcome to join and add or complete the translations for the languages you speak.

We want to thank the talented Major design studio and Microsoft Philanthropies and Bing as well as the open source community of dedicated contributors from around the world for making this possible. Find more technical details on all the changes made to the Software in the release notes and the free and open source code is available in the repository.

On 6 May, the new version will be launched on the HOT Tasking Manager.