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I was introduced to HOT at State of the Map 2011 and really began contributing in 2012 mostly through the tasking manager.  In 2013 I assisted with writing the Code of Conduct and participated in several Working Groups.  In late 2013 I was selected as Junior Coordinator for the Mapping Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia project and spent four weeks in the field training and mapping.  At the beginning of 2014 I was nominated to the HOT Membership and elected as the Chair for the Voting Members. In 2015 I was elected for a second term as Chairperson and was selected as the Activation Curriculum Specialist. In late 2016 I was selected as Project Manager for the Eliminate Malaria Mapping Campaign, HOT's largest ever project in terms of geographic size - every building in a 560,000 square kilometer area of interest across seven countries was digitized. I also volunteer as a Disaster Mapping Coordinator, joining or leading our teams to facilitate the flow of geospatial information from the crowd to the first responders and aid agencies in times of crises. I also represent HOT in the Missing Maps partnership, mainly through my role as volunteer Project Manager for Mapswipe.

Working group role

Co-lead of Activation Working Group