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Project pages are individual pages about current or historical projects at HOTOSM. New pages can be added via Siteleaf or Github. Please follow these general steps to add pages – which can include maps and data to show what and where work is happening. Jump to the the training document for more detailed view with screenshots.

Overview of steps:

1. Create a new project via Siteleaf

2. Decide if you want to have a map-based project view or static hero image

  • Map-based will have an interactive map view at the top of the page instead of an image.

  • Static hero image will not have map but only a large full-width image that you choose.

3. If map-based:

  • Create a geojson

  • Upload your project area geojson to the public website Google Drive

  • Add any other public map products you want to share to the Google Drive

  • Fill out required metadata details on Siteleaf

    • Tasking Manager data you want to show on the map

    • Map or other project documents

    • Links to specific datasets or data portals

    • Links to tools used within the project

4. If image-based:

  • Upload your image via Siteleaf

  • Fill out required metadata details

For detailed commentary, please see the training document.