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As the world continues to change, grow, and shift, we know that no map will ever be fully complete or defined. As such, HOT commits to remaining agile in our approach to update, contribute to and maintain an open map of our world. This commitment will enable communities to identify their priorities, and map what they need the most, when it is needed.

HOT has taken a similar approach to our operational and strategic thinking. We have redefined our strategy as a living, breathing and moving framework that we revisit often, to ensure stable flexibility and adaptability. This is an intentional leap away from traditional strategic plans that lock organizations into a few years of committed deliverables so that we can be flexible and adaptive when we need to be.

Our goal as a movement is to always be in movement.

Organizations working in the humanitarian sector live in an ever evolving space, as crises and global events are often unpredictable and require a balance of absolute and elastic assets, tools and resources. Our Living Strategy anticipates changes and makes room to adapt, pilot and experiment through our approaches and projects. Through a very thoughtful and iterative process, we have categorized pillars at the top which are fixed and pillars below which remain intentionally flexible. This evolving iteration gives our team the ability to ensure the strategy is always relevant to what we are doing, how we are doing it and where we are going as a whole. This allows us to take not only our organization, but our growing movement, on the shared journey of adaptive thinking and action.

Our Living Strategy demonstrates that HOT is not ahead of the curve. Instead, in collaboration with local and global networks, HOT defines where the curve is, and commits to creating responsive strategies to address such changes, opportunities or needs, when most needed.