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Siteleaf is a content management wrapper on top of Github. We will use it as a primary tool for managing content of the site. Content can be managed directly through Github if preferred. It is connected directly to our Github account and allows us to manage three types of users: Admin, Publisher, and Writer.

Admins have full access and see all files (similar to the view you would see on Publishers can create pages, posts, and make draft content visible (published). Writers can create pages and posts, but they are only hidden or in draft mode.

The Communications Working Group will work on a workflow that is streamlined and allows anyone in the HOT community to continue to publish blog posts, create projects, or add any other content on the site.

We’ve built out multiple methods for editing the HOT website. You can manage edits directly via Github or via content management tool called SiteLeaf. If you would like to edit via Siteleaf, you will need to create an account (a Github account is not a prerequisite). But if you have a Github (or want to take the opportunity to create one), you can start with Step 1 below. Otherwise, skip to Step 2.

Step 1 (optional): Create a Github account.

Start by going to go to Register and choose a username.

Step 2 (required): Create a Siteleaf account

  • Go to

  • Here you can log in with your Github account or create a brand new account.

  • If you would like to use your email for your account and don’t have your email connected to your Github account, make sure you have it added in your account profile.

Step 3: Request access for your account with the HOT website

  • Request access via this form:

  • Someone will respond within 24 hours linking your account