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My first experience with HOT was sitting inside very cramped, very HOT trailers outside the IOM office at the UN camp in Haiti, months after the January 2010 earthquake.

As someone only a few years into their career working on humanitarian response and international development, this was my first experience of truly feel like we were setting up inclusive projects. Building a meaningful response with local capacity, not just for them, and doing it not just with their welfare in mind but creating jobs. Education programs. Technical skills they could bring to university or work elsewhere.

What’s most impressive about this global community and programs and projects where HOT has been involved is this effort is the core of what we do, not a feature in a proposal. The teams and the tools only continue to improve but these principles are truly what have brought about so much well-earned success. It’s an honor to be associated with this team and support HOT’s efforts around the world.

Rob Baker - August 2020