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Dedicated to advancing open mapping solutions for community development and social impact

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The Open Mapping Hub - Eastern and Southern Africa exists to serve communities in the region by supporting the creation, maintenance, distribution, and use of high-quality open maps that are relevant for and contributed to by local communities.

We work with organizations and communities across 23 countries in creating and updating free, editable, and shareable open map data in OpenStreetMap.

We envision a future where all people in Eastern and Southern Africa have the opportunity to contribute to and use open mapping processes and open data in their everyday lives.

Eastern and Southern Africa Open Mapping Grants

We believe that open map data is universal and contributes to identifying problems, monitoring change, managing and responding to events, forecasting, setting priorities, and understanding humanitarian and development trends.

The ESA Hub granting program aims to:

  • Work with organizations and communities in advancing their organization’s mission through OpenStreetMap data and Tools Enrich OpenStreetMap data (both already existing and generated through the grants) by increasing contributions from new communities members (specifically women and other underrepresented groups)
  • Design and implement innovative map data solutions and projects that improve the everyday lives of people in Eastern and Southern Africa in a significant way.

Currently the Open Mapping Hub - Eastern and Southern Africa is supporting projects in Uganda, Kenya, Zambia, Malawi, Namibia, and Tanzania.

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The Spatial People Network


Are you a mapping enthusiast, between 18 - 35 years, from the Eastern and Southern Africa region? Are you looking for an opportunity to join a network of like-minded individuals?

Our new program aims to improve OpenStreetMap (OSM) through community collaboration and to support our volunteers in the region. Join and connect with others passionate about mapping, innovation, and open data. Learn more about opportunities available to our Spatial People through this network. One such opportunity is the Spatial People Award which enables you to host a mapping event.

[Join the Spatial People Network] (

Spatial Solutions Accelerator

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We believe in the power of open map data to transform communities and drive positive change. The Spatial Solutions Accelerator program is our latest initiative dedicated to providing support and resources to self-organized open mapping communities, student mapping groups, and university or tertiary institutions in the region.

Our mission is clear: to increase the reach and impact of open map data within Eastern and Southern Africa. Through this program, the Open Mapping Hub will provide medium to long-term small-scale grants and organizational development support, through which we seek to empower individuals and organizations seeking to address the following identified challenges:

  • Urban Addressing and Routing
  • Lack of Mapper Visibility and Recognition
  • Limitations in Integration of Citizen-Generated Data into OSM
  • Health Service Delivery
  • Anticipatory Action & Climate Resilience
  • Enhancing Spatial Literacy in School
  • Nutrition and Food Security

This grant of up to $7,000 USD is available to applicants from Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Lesotho, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe.

At The Open Mapping Hub, we are committed to fostering collaboration, innovation, and knowledge exchange. Together, we can create a more inclusive and sustainable future by harnessing the power of open map data.

Application Criteria OMH - ESA will further provide organization capacity development support in the form of:

  • Tailored Technical Training
  • Facilitated opportunities for peer-peer learning and mentorship
  • Leadership & Organisational Development Training

The following activities will not be supported:

  • Data collection activities including remote mapping, mapathons, and field data collection.
  • Building of new apps/technologies. We seek to work with and support the growth of existing mobile mapping tools and/or open-source technologies in the OSM ecosystem.

Priority is given to projects and initiatives that:

  • Show evidence of prior implementation and uptake of proposed solution or initiative by an identified community or partner(s) within a defined geographical area over a 1-3 year period.
  • Encourage additional funding through matching income from other grants, private donors, and in-kind donations.
  • Provide detailed budgets specific to project activities.
  • Demonstrate structural sustainability/continuity of the proposed project for 3-5 years.


#MapHerWorld campaign

Join us in the 100-day Map Her World campaign and make a difference in your local community! We invite you to help identify places and points of interest that are relevant to women in your area. By contributing to this project, you can help make your community more inclusive and accessible for all.

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