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Contract duration: Estimated 25 working days over up to 3 months

Location/Duty Station: Any HOT office location or remote

Projected start date: 7 September, 2018

Reports to: Executive Director, Director of Community Programs

About HOT

Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) is a US-based NGO and global community of thousands of volunteers working together to use maps and open data for humanitarian response and the Sustainable Development Goals. As the world’s preeminent participatory mapping NGO, HOT has fostered a global mapping community composed of more than 50,000 people with ground operations in five countries. When major disaster strikes anywhere in the world, HOT rallies this global network to create the maps and data that enable responders to reach those in need.

About the Position

As HOT grows, the diverse set of mapping, training, data collection, and technology innovation projects in our portfolio have increasingly varying ways of contributing to our overall impact. Each project carries out important activities, but we currently lack a consolidated approach to safety and security planning across these projects. This also covers an assessment of risk to the organization itself, country offices (3-4 countries), and a selected set of individual projects.

The consultant will work closely with HOT’s Executive Director, Board of Directors, and Senior Management team to assess, identify and manage risk factors in our current projects and programming, develop processes and policy for safety assurance and mitigation, and promotion of safety and security. The emphasis is on a) physical risks on operations in our field projects in countries such as Liberia, Tanzania, Uganda, Indonesia, Botswana, Zambia and Turkey, and b) (resulting) financial, programmatic and institutional risks to the organization as a whole. Risk factors include, for example, political, traffic, disease, crime, and conflict.

The consultant will work remotely and may travel to office locations in the US, Africa, and Asia.

Expected Deliverables

Provided by the client:

  • Sample (template) security plan at the country/project level.

  • Current safety and security plans.

Activities include:

  1. Review/Desk Study
  • Conduct a desk review and produce a synthesis of HOT’s current safety and security planning, risks and procedures across 3-4 country locations.

  • Review existing Security Plans and procedures across projects to determine common approaches, identified risks, mitigations and procedures.

  • Consult with and survey HOT staff, including country and project managers and HQ staff, to assess prevalent risks to individual projects, country level operations and financial, programmatic and institutional to the organization.

  1. Identification of specific areas of risk, recommendations for mitigation of these risks, and creating recommendations for the strengthening and improvement of HOT’s overall safety and security planning.

  2. Assist country offices in implementing safety assurance and promotion, and effective communication and implementation of safety planning.

Expected deliverables include:

  1. A risk analysis/assessment at various levels of the organization (global, country level, and project level), including hazard identification, exposure, potential mitigation measures and procedures, and recommendations and guidelines on risk management.

  2. A Risk Management Framework and Risk Management policy that takes HOT’s growth and organisational developments into account.

  3. Standard Operating Procedures and Safety Management Plan templates at the country and project level.

About You


  • University or college degree.

  • At least 5 years experience working in development cooperation and donor funded projects.

  • At least 2-3 years experience working in a mid/senior level security management roles.

  • Demonstrated experience designing security planning and management for mid-size NGOs.

  • Excellent analytical skills, and able to prioritize and meet deadlines.

  • Experience in participatory data collection and field surveys in a variety of contexts

  • Fluency in English and ability to work in an environment of diverse languages and cultures.

  • Demonstrated cultural competency including experience working in a developing country context.

  • Demonstrated understanding of open source culture and ethos across cultural contexts.

  • Able to travel 1-2 times during consultancy.

Additional desirable skillsets:

  • Masters degree or PhD.

  • Experience in humanitarian response, open data or open source strongly desired.

  • Sector expertise in disaster risk reduction or management and/or public health.

To Apply

Please submit a single PDF containing the following, on or before 31 August 2018:

  1. Qualifications, capacity and expertise, and/or resume (maximum 2 pages);

  2. A proposal outlining the proposed Methodology, Approach and Implementation Plan (maximum 3 pages);

  3. Examples or links to examples of relevant prior work (maximum 2 pages).

To apply and submit a proposal, please fill in the application form here