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Selection Criteria for Community Events

Alignment The event should align closely with the goals, objectives, and themes of the HOT OpenSummit. It should demonstrate a clear connection to open mapping or humanitarian/development work relevant to open mapping. Priority will be given to events that align with HOT’s regional hubs priorities and programmes.

**Movement Building ** The event should actively foster collaboration and collective action within the open mapping community. It should facilitate the exchange of experiences, best practices, and lessons learned, nurturing a sense of community and shared purpose.

Value to Communities The community event should provide tangible value to the communities that HOT supports/wants to support. It should contribute to their capacity building, skill development, knowledge sharing, and relationship building within the context of humanitarian open mapping.

Feasibility The community event should demonstrate its feasibility in terms of organization, resources, and logistics. Although smaller-scale events are considered, they should have a clear plan, budget, and commitment to delivering a successful event.

Inclusivity Consideration should be given to the inclusivity of the community event, ensuring that it provides opportunities for diverse participation, representation, and perspectives within the open mapping community.

Collaborative support provided for the selected events will include at least one or a combination of the following*:

  • Finance/Sponsorship opportunities
  • HOT representation
  • Communications support
  • Post-event follow-up
  • Networking opportunities
  • HOT content contribution
  • Travel support (subject to availability and funding)
  • Swag (subject to availability and funding)
  • Organizational support

*Note that not all the requested support may be available or given

Funding range: $500 -$2,000USD