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HOT provides training to organisations and volunteer communities, building the capacity to succeed with open source mapping technologies and OpenStreetMap


We provide training across geospatial data literacy, collection, and analysis using multiple different tools and approaches, to strengthen your organisation’s ability to harness citizen-generated and open data. Training can be customized to meet the needs of your organisation, and may include topics such as:

  • Introduction to OpenStreetMap, desktop editors and the Tasking Manager
  • Mobile data collection tools (OpenDataKit, KoboCollect, OpenMapKit)
  • Planning campaigns and field surveying guidelines
  • Data management
  • Data validation and quality assurance
  • Exporting and utilizing OpenStreetMap data in GIS applications
  • Basic, Intermediate and Advanced QGIS
  • InaSAFE for Disaster Management


  • Capacity building: enable your staff and volunteers to better leverage maps and geodata in their projects and programs through data literacy and mapping training.

  • Innovation: harness new data sources and technology opportunities to keep your organisation ahead. Through open mapping techniques, your projects can be truly participatory with community members and beneficiaries, and produce data at huge quality and scale.

  • Quick: with as little as a few days training, teams are able to start implementing new methods. The HOT Global network of staff, volunteers, and community members will support you on an ongoing basis.


Get in touch at to discuss your project. Read more about all our projects or check out our prior training and capacity building work: