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Claudio de los Reyes

StaffInformation Management Associate


Claudio is HOT’s Information Management (IM) associate for DST. He has a transdisciplinary background on social sciences, data visualization, and GIS with a focus on disasters and crisis. As an IM specialist, he was deployed for IFRC’s Hurricane Dorian Operation in the Bahamas; for the migration crisis in Latin America; as remote support to Hurricane Eta/Iota operations in Honduras, Guatemala, and Nicaragua; and to Haiti, Dominican Republic, Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay for capacity building.

Other professional experiences include working for the Slum Dwellers International in Cape Town to create a visual analysis of the organization’s activities. With NYCHA, to produce visual analysis on the services provided by the institution to residents in NYC. With Watchlist on Children and Armed Conflict to create a map of denial of humanitarian aid in South Sudan.

Originally from Cozumel, Mexico, he currently lives in Panamá. In his free time, he enjoys Mexican music, art history, and playing guitar. Claudio studied History in Mexico City (UIA), social sciences in Tokyo (Sophia) and international affairs and data visualization in NYC (New School and NYU).


Data Principles

At HOT, open mapping communities and program teams face unique challenges in how we work with data:

22 July, 2022

Building a Global Network to Map for COVID-19 Response

With support from the Humanitarian-to-Humanitarian Network, HOT has engaged the global humanitarian mapping community to support local Covid-19 responses in the biggest disaster activation in HOT's history.

3 March, 2021

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