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Kshitij Sharma

StaffProduct Owner (Map Data Access Services)


Kshitij Raj Sharma grew up in western rural part of Nepal. He is a Graduate Geomatics engineer from the Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University Nepal. He has been engaged with OpenStreetMap since 2016 and began contributing actively from 2017 and has been a Spatial developer for 3 years in different projects.

He has experience of mapping in several rural municipalities with Drones, GNSS , GIS and Remote Sensing. Prior to HOT, he worked for a government Project called Chaklabandi ( Agricultural Land consolidation). Besides that, he loves to play basketball ,FIFA and travel in his free time. Mapping is his ultimate passion!


Our End-to-End Mapping Solution: Mapping exercise at CliGeos Summer School

In April 2024, we had the opportunity to demonstrate the power of open mapping tools and workflows at the CLImbing for CLImate GEOspatial School (CLIGEOS-2024) in Annapurna-3, Lumle-Pokhara, Nepal.

6 May, 2024

HOT Export Tool: try out the new features!

OpenStreetMap (OSM) is more than the basemap you see on or in other geospatial services. The database behind the map is full of crowdsourced spatial data with systemized tagging that translates into attributes in GIS systems. For data analysts and cartographers who want to access datasets from OSM for use in QGIS or other similar applications, HOT’s export tool just got much more helpful!

27 February, 2024

¡Prueba las nuevas funciones de la Herramienta de Exportación de HOT!

OpenStreetMap (OSM) es más que el mapa base que ves en u otros servicios geoespaciales. La base de datos detrás del mapa está llena de datos espaciales de colaboración abierta con etiquetado sistematizado que se traduce en atributos en los sistemas GIS. Para los analistas de datos y cartógrafos que desean acceder a conjuntos de datos de OSM para usarlos en QGIS u otras aplicaciones similares, ¡la herramienta de exportación de HOT ahora es mucho más útil!

27 February, 2024

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