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Tim DeWinter

StaffProjects Factory Coordinator - Latin America and Caribbean


Tim joined HOT as the Project Factory Coordinator in the Latin American Alpha team, bringing more than 30 years of experience in a broad range of social development programs. The last 6 years of his professional experiences focused on the development of a thinking school and lifelong learning while developing social projects in the Andean region of Cusco.

Tim has worked for UNESCO and UNICEF Peru as an Educational Consultant, as Country Director in Peru, and developed the Research and Training Center for Projects Abroad, in different countries such as India, Ghana, Israel, Argentina, Bolivia, etc. He prefers hands-on experiences with the community at the grass-root level and always tries to learn and share at the same time.

Tim is very excited about exploring all the opportunities and possibilities that open mapping has to offer to all types of organizations. Spreading the word about open mapping as a tool to visualize and help solve real problems also means making it more accessible to all. He is developing a methodology and criteria to improve the accompaniment of open mapping projects and will focus on impact, scaling opportunities, capacity building, and sustainability within the Factories’ projects.


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