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Energy Saving Solutions and Retailers in Bidibidi Refugee Settlement

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To improve understanding of how the use of and access to energy-saving solutions can be increased amongst refugees in northern Uganda, HOT with support from the Response Innovation Lab worked with local refugee communities to collect data from energy-saving solutions retail shops across one of the world's largest refugee settlement, Bidibidi, and used that information to assess the distribution and availability of such products and where barriers lay in the existing market.

With support from the Response Innovation Lab and Save the Children, HOT carried out a project across Bidibidi Refugee Settlement in northern Uganda to better understand the state of energy-saving solutions available to refugees in the settlement as well as relevant market trends and challenges associated with accessing and purchasing these solutions.

In collaboration with refugees and host community members in Bidibidi, HOT led extensive data collection activities, gathering information from energy-saving solution retailers about where they purchased their products from, what their available stock consisted of, the biggest challenges they faced in selling these products to the refugee and host populations and much more.

Upon completion of the data collection exercise, the information was analyzed and compiled into maps and graphs to support a better understanding of the accessibility and availability associated with purchasing energy-saving solutions in the settlement. Information products and raw data were shared with the AMPERE consortium - a group of implementing partners working to enhance access and adoption of energy-saving solutions across the settlement - to support more targeted efforts in enhancing clean energy product use, linking potential customers with the clean energy market and increasing awareness of such products amongst refugees and respective host community members.

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Mapping Energy Saving Solutions in One of the Largest Refugee Settlements in Africa

In February 2020, HOT with support from the Response Innovation Lab in Uganda, carried out an extensive mapping exercise of all energy-saving solutions retail shops in Bidibidi settlement to better understand the existing market and inform the improvement of access to quality energy-saving products amongst the refugee population.

Sara Amadi, Shamilah Ssekandi Nassozi — 28 April, 2020