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Beyond the Map Fund Program

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Beyond the Map Fund is a new program that provides financial and technical support to community organizations and non-profits seeking to integrate open mapping data to improve their planning and response to development and humanitarian initiatives.

Through the program, organizations will be able to work closely with the ESA hub team to improve access to open data sets, build partnerships with organizations and experts, and receive technical assistance, and support training. By providing the tools, knowledge, and skills to access, create and use open map data, the Beyond the Map Fund will help organizations to be more effective in their work and to better understand the environment in which they operate.

The objective of the fund is to enhance the integration, accessibility, and utilization of open mapping tools and data in organizational workflows through the following means:

Providing assistance to community-based organizations in the humanitarian and development sectors to address targeted challenges and data gaps across the region by employing open mapping tools, processes, and infrastructure.

Facilitating the incorporation of open mapping tools and data into existing programming and organizational workflows to promote the effective and efficient implementation of humanitarian and development initiatives in East and Southern Africa.

The Beyond the Map Fund is committed to financing all projects that focus on sustainable cities and communities, such as transportation, health, education, water, waste management, security, psychosocial services, farming & agriculture, electricity, justice & law, among others.

Application details will be shared on our social media platforms soon.