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GAL School Peru: Developing Young Mappers




GAL School is empowering students to develop projects for social good through OpenStreetMap and other digital tools.

In Peru, GAL (Global Active Learning) School is empowering 11-16 year olds to develop their own projects for social good using OpenStreetMap, Open Data and 360 imagery.

The project has multiple objectives: firstly, to encourage and empower youth to engage in improving the societies they live through responding to challenges they themselves identify. Secondly to improve awareness of open source, digital technologies and platforms amongst children and all stakeholders in the area through peer learning. Finally, to encourage sharing of experiences, specifically in the exchange of cultures through the global OSM network and other schools nationally and globally. Students from different schools in the Cusco region are currently developing mapping projects in four main areas of focus:

  1. Disaster preparedness - landslides, informal housing & flooding in the region
  2. Cultural heritage – improving awareness and exchange of traditional heritage as a form of preservation across Cusco and La Convención
  3. Transportation – improving the Cusco transport system through creating the first mapping of semi-formal “combi”/ bus routes
  4. Gender awareness – working to develop projects to improve gender awareness, such as mapping of sexist advertisements and publicity