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OSM South Sudan: Building an inclusive mapping community


South Sudan


OSM South Sudan will become the first OpenStreetMap community in the country, training individuals both in South Sudan, and South Sudanese refugees in Uganda, to map settlements affected by flooding.

2020 Microgrant

Every year, floods devastate South Sudan. This July, almost one million people needed life-saving assistance due to heavy rain leaving large swathes of the country underwater. Humanitarian and local organizations responding to the crisis need maps to know certain facts, like how many individuals are affected and how to reach them.

OSM South Sudan aims to build a representative, inclusive mapping community for all individuals. They will also work with organizations to understand what type of data will make the difference in those critical life-saving moments. Training humanitarian organizations in Juba, the capital of South Sudan, will also be a key part of the project to make sure the map data is used.