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Jokkolabs Banjul (formerly YMCA Gambia) - Mapping Local Ecotourism




Engaging youth to map ecotourism sites in the West Coast Region and Central River Region of The Gambia

2019 Microgrant

Jokkolabs Banjul, formerly the Gambia YMCA’s Computer Training Centre and Digital Studio, will work with the Gambia Tourism Board and the National Environmental Agency to identify ecotourism areas and capture the current state of vegetation and wildlife to stimulate The Gambia’s tourism industry and assist in planning efforts focused on environmental conservation and preservation.

About the community

The Gambia YMCA’s Computer Training Centre and Digital Studio started operations in late 1995. The Centre is supporting education through ICT programs with the goal of empowering youth, engaging them in activities that will help them develop positive outcomes to achieve greater future, and also providing needed professional development for teachers.

The Centre runs the Google Developers Group and carries out numerous outreach programs for young people interested in programming at our centre and it is involved in several ICT collaborative projects and has taken part in several projects like The Web We Want and OpenStreetMap. It also serves as a testing centre for students to take national and international examinations.

The Centre is fully equipped with three laboratories, a digital studio / system administration unit and an innovative hub (Jokkolabs). It has a total number of 12 staff. The Centre is fully involved in other ICT research and work on related work with the Freedom Online Coalition Work Group 3 on Transparency and Privacy online and also a member of the Open Data Charter and the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data.