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Work Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Duration of Assignment: 2 months

Application Close Date: 19th May 2023

Estimated Start date: 26 June 2023

Type of Contract: Short-Term Consultancy

Supervision: Regional Communications Associate


The Open Mapping Hub -Eastern & Southern Africa [ESA-Hub] is a regional collaboration of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team [HOT]. HOT sits at the nexus of participatory mapping, community-led development, humanitarian response, open data, and tech. With a talented and diverse team spread around the globe, HOT is an NGO that supports a dynamic global community of thousands of dedicated volunteers using maps and open data for humanitarian response and the Sustainable Development Goals. Working with humanitarian and development partners like the Red Cross, Médecins Sans Frontières, UN agencies, governments, and others, the HOT community maps in solidarity with those affected by or at risk of disaster, contributing the maps and data aid workers need to do their lifesaving work

Objectives of the Consultancy

The ESA-Hub is seeking a videographer/video Editor on a short-term basis to capture a series of video content (9 short videos) and photography (several images) to document the learnings, open mapping methodologies, and successes of the Open Mapping Grants.

The video stories from the open mapping partners and communities will be shared with broader open data ecosystem partners in the region. The videos will include interviews with several project partners and stakeholders as defined by grant partners.

This content will be fed into a larger video/content collection program and used across various channels and purposes. It is expected that a team of one to three people will be involved in the filming and photography work.

Overview of Open Mapping Grants

The Open Mapping Grants program is an initiative by the ESA Hub that provides funding to open mapping organizations and communities in Eastern and Southern Africa. The purpose of the program is to support the design and implementation of innovative map data solutions and projects that have a significant positive impact on people’s lives in the region.

The Open Mapping Grants program is currently supporting eight projects in five countries in the region. The projects consist of a wide and diverse application of open map data from advancing access to contraceptives to centering community voices in disaster preparedness and creating opportunities for youth engagement in social change initiatives. For more about the program follow this link:\

Scope of work

To achieve the objectives of the assignment, the videographer will: Develop the script and storyboard of the videos for review with the ESA-Hub team Provide a detailed list of required props and materials for each country Provide photos with different visual perspectives (close-up, medium range, long distance), in horizontal format Ensure the videos are technically well executed (composition, exposure, etc.) Execute post-production processes Deliver the final, edited versions using WeTransfer, Google Drive, or Dropbox


This consultancy will be from 26 June to 17 August 2023. Travel costs and accommodation for 3 persons only will be covered by the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team/OMH-ESA.

Activity plan_Page_1.png


  • Raw footage of each project which includes a B-roll and interviews with program implementors and stakeholders (data collectors, users, and community members).

  • Eight 5-minute videos that succinctly capture the key outcomes of each project One video that consolidates the key outcomes and clearly demonstrates the impact of the Open Mapping Grants project.

  • Hi-Res photos (at least 20) that complement the videos (background shots, data collectors, users, and community members).


  • Experience in filming, editing, photography, and production

  • Demonstrable experience and production of short films and videos made for the purposes of communicating community-based programming

  • Flexibility to work among diverse people in different locations, experience gathering and gaining consent Some understanding of open mapping and open data in the Region Ability to provide own filming/photography equipment, including professional cameras and audio equipment.

To Apply

Please send a proposal to: that includes the following:

  • A cover letter (Max 2 pages) describing how you plan to deliver this work within our recommended time frames

  • Consultancy Profile (Major wins / Achievements, Equipments, Workforce, Studio, etc)

  • A portfolio of previous work

  • The names and contact details of three references familiar with your work

  • Your professional fee

  • Any additional information or comments that you believe would distinguish you from others, or that would be relevant for us to know as we consider your response

  • Shortlisting will be done on a rolling basis.