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Organizational Background

The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) is an international team dedicated to humanitarian action and community development through open mapping. We work together to provide map data which revolutionises disaster management, reduces risks, and contributes to achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Founded in August 2010, HOT is made up of skilled and committed staff and volunteers. Its primary goal is to apply the techniques of the OpenStreetMap project and the principles of open source and open data sharing towards humanitarian response and economic and social development. HOT bridges communication gaps between the OpenStreetMap community and traditional GIS and government organizations. This is accomplished through:

  • a remote volunteer network
  • a network of OpenStreetMap contributors
  • a deployment of staff to help people map their own communities

HOT currently leads community mapping projects in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Indonesia, Liberia, Philippines, Tanzania, Turkey, and Uganda, and has worked with local OpenStreetMap communities on past projects in Bangladesh, Bhutan, Central African Republic, Haiti, Kenya, Mali, Mozambique, Nepal, Rwanda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and in other countries.

HOT is a stable, yet growing nonprofit organization, with an annual budget of $10 million, and a skilled and highly experienced staff of 85 that bring expertise in project management, disaster management and risk reduction, computer science, GIS, international development and social sciences.

Request For Proposal

The Finance Committee of the Board of Directors is now seeking proposals from investment advisors to advise, manage, and administer approximately $15M in a diversified portfolio. We seek an overall investment strategy structured to meet the goals and objectives of the donation.

HOT currently maintains approximately $20M in assets that mesh with the operating needs of the organization and extend coverage through the end of 2025. Approximately 50% ($10M) of the fund would need to be accessible for monthly operations, but invested in funds that provide higher yielding returns than overnight money market accounts. Approximately 25% ($5M) of the operating fund pool could be invested in funds that ensure a continued high level of income.

The selected investment advisor would be expected to develop, and implement, an investment strategy that employs fixed income investment capabilities and to work with our staff to establish appropriate guidelines for the investment result.

Please submit your written proposal to advise, manage, and administer the fund for HOT no later than January 14, 2022 to:

Liz Chamberlain

Director of Finance and Operations

Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team AND

If selected, your organization will be scheduled for a presentation. Each presenter will have approximately 30-45 minutes to provide an overview of their proposal and answer a few questions.

Your written proposal should include the following:

Company Background

  • Provide a detailed background of your organization. Be sure to include any relationships your company has with any other organizations such as insurance companies, brokerage firms, investment banking firms, or mutual fund companies

  • Provide information about whether your firm is a registered investment advisor under the Investment Advisor’s Act of 1940. Include Part 2 of your most recent form ADV

  • Describe in detail any litigation/regulatory action against your firm as it relates to management of client portfolios

  • Provide a representative client list as well as contact information for three client references. Please specify at least one international nonprofit organization

  • Provide biographical information on key investment professionals at the firm, including the team you would assign to the management of HOT’s assets

Relationship Management

  • Based upon the background provided by HOT, please provide an overview of how your firm would work with our Board committee and staff to develop and implement an investment strategy. Make specific reference to individuals/groups at your firm that would be involved in that process

Investment Management

  • Describe what you believe to be the best benchmark for your investment approach and why

  • Describe the primary strategies employed by your firm for adding value to portfolios

  • Describe your asset allocation optimization process and how it is used to meet the investment objectives of your clients. Describe how often you re-balance accounts

  • Provide information about whether your firm establishes optimal investment strategies for each client independently

  • Describe how you would assist a client in the development of their investment policy

  • Provide the minimum and maximum asset size of the accounts that you service. Provide the average asset size of the accounts that you currently service

  • Provide information on recommended third-party custody of securities

Reporting and Fees

  • Describe your reporting procedures including frequency for various forms of communication
    • What items will be reviewed in performing the regular investment performance evaluation?
    • How does your investment report identify risk or volatility in comparison to a benchmark?
    • How does your investment report ensure compliance with the target asset allocation?
    • Who specifically would perform the investment evaluation and what are their credentials?
    • Include sample report copies
  • Investment Fees:
    • Indicate the schedule and billing process for the investment consultant services (include disclosure of any and all sources of compensation)
    • Indicate the approximate fee of the investment vehicles or third party managers typically recommended for similarly situated portfolios
    • Indicate the fee schedule for the recommended third party investment custodian
    • Indicate any additional fees to which the portfolio may be subject


  • Provide any additional information or comments that you believe would distinguish your organization from others, or that would be relevant for us to know as we consider your response for the investment advisor, manager, and administrator of our funds