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The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team is soliciting proposals for the Open Data for Resilience and Risk Management Initiatives as part of the project Open Cities Latin America and Caribbean (Mexico).

Work location: San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas

Duration: 15 months


  • Provide a strategy for data production, sharing and integration
  • Train authorities, local representatives and groups of residents
  • Coordinate and produce data remotely and in the field with a participatory and long-term vision
  • Define and provide technical support to stakeholders for the integration of the data
  • Produce a working methodology reproducible and usable by stakeholders and communities

The terms of reference are available here.

The proposal consists in three parts: (a) Technical Proposal (b) Financial Proposal (c) Firm Qualification Questionnaire. The three parts are required to qualify the proposal.

The technical proposal shall be presented electronically in Adobe PDF format, in English, using the templates provided.

Application deadline is October 25th 2021, 11.59pm (EST). Please write to the email address