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News — 12 March, 2021

hot_tech wants to help

So, over at HOT_tech we’ve we’ve been working hard, so you can work easy. Our number one priority is hearing from you, so we’ve made some changes to make it easy for you to connect with us to notify us of bugs, issues and support requests.

All roads lead to…’hot_tech_requests’ .

We know that everyone likes to communicate in different ways; slack, email, online forms etc and we don’t want to change this. We want to meet you where you are. However, we also want to make sure that no request is left behind. As such, we have established a service desk that brings your request from where you are, to where we are - the hot_tech_requests desk.

So how does it work?

  1. You send us a message however you want.

  2. That message gets added to our service desk backlog (and you get a nice message to say ‘thanks’)

  3. We work to resolve it

  4. You get updates on how it’s progressing and when it’s done.

Raise your voice by raising a ticket and make sure that your voice gets heard and your ticket attended to.

So how do I do it?

Well, glad you asked, I was just about to mention. Everything can be done in three steps or less.

The hot_tech_requests desk (rapid response, requires email for updates)

  1. Go to hot_tech_requests desk >

  2. Select your issue and complete the form >

  3. Done >

You will be automatically updated via the email address you provided

Shout out on Slack (regular response, requires slack membership)

  1. Go to this channel in hotosm slack > #hot_tech_requests

  2. Type a message related to your issue.

  3. Done!

Issue updates will be posted directly to this channel so everyone can see the progress.

Send an email (regular response, no sign-up required)

  1. Email this address

  2. Done

You will be automatically updated via the email address you used to send the request

GitHub (regular response, included in backlogs, github account required)

  1. Go to our GitHub

  2. Find the product connected to your request

  3. Create a ‘New issue’ (e.g Tasking Manager issues are found here »)

Updates will happen directly on that issue in GitHub and notifications are optional

If there’s another way you’d like us to setup to make it even easier, let us know and we can look at setting that up too!