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HOT unSummit 2022

Through the HOT unSummit 2022 we collaborated with events all over the world, engaging a global community of thousands!

About unSummit 2022

About unSummit 2022

The HOT unSummit is a world tour of collaborating events. We aimed to raise the profile of humanitarian mapping across the globe, by connecting people, providing funding and support to conferences and community mapping events. This page registers the events that occurred during our 2022 Summit.

unSummit by the Numbers

unSummit by the Numbers

  • -Collaborated with 13 partner events

  • -Directly enabled 113 sessions on humanitarian mapping

  • -Reached over 3100 supporters of open mapping

  • -Enabled 122 scholarships for community mappers to reach global events

Photo: FOSS4G Firenze 2022

“Our primary goal was to have HOT as part of the event since they share the same OSM and OSGeo community ideals. I really liked the 2022 SotM and FOSS4G organization and believe it should be continued in the future, with a closer relationship of the three communities, something like federated events or similar. HOT is providing a great help in organization and supporting people from low-middle income countries that should be one of the main targets of the audience.”

  • Organizing Committee, FOSS4G 2022

“Thank you for this opportunity! Without HOT it would have been impossible for us to achieve our dream to be together again and dream of the future of our impact on Brazilian favelas. At this event we worked together as one TETO BRASIL, we shared experiences and most of all, we spent quality time with the ones that make everything happen. As we say: ‘COMECOU NAO PARA! We won’t stop until poverty ends in Brazilian favelas!’ And of course we would love to count with HOT next year!!”

  • Organizing Committee, Teto Brasil annual gathering + Cidade em Foco



  • -Following the conference, OSGeo Oceania (one of the organizing partners) set up an OpenStreetMap special interest group and registered as an organization on the HOT Tasking Manager in order to support communities in the region to undertake remote mapping campaigns.

  • -New connections for communities and individuals in Peru were formed, leading to collective and collaborative local mapping projects and activities

  • -A community in Ecuador integrated new knowledge and motivation on drone use into their focus and activities.

  • -A collaborative relationship was established between Teto Brasil and the URBELATAM / Preventório favela mapping community.

  • -The unSummit programme inspired and made possible new community conferences in Brazil and Nigeria reaching more than 300 people.

  • -Two Brazilian community groups with a shared interest in river mapping were introduced to each other.

HOT OpenSummit '23-24

HOT OpenSummit '23-24

Building upon the success of the unSummit, we aim to continue bringing together communities, partners, collaborators, and supporters to learn, share, and connect, now as HOT OpenSummit ‘23-24!

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