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News — 10 January, 2012

HOT Collaboration with GIS Corps!

GIS Corps is joining together with HOT again for a joint project.  The first collaboration between HOT and GIS Corps occurred during the Samoa exercise that happened earlier this year.  Once again we are joining forces to work mapping Padang City in Indonesia.  GIS Corps is a volunteer organization that provides GIS Professionals as volunteers.  They've been in existence since 2003 and have had about 2500 volunteers from 93 countries.  We are are excited that 11 of their members are going to join us to help complete the Help Map for a Safer Padang Task (requires OpenStreetMap login).  You can read a little bit more about those joining us, such as the countries they hail from on the GIS Corps website.

The goal of the effort is to map all the streets and buildings in Padang so that it can feed into risk models.  The Australia-Indonesia Facility for Disaster Reduction (AIFDR) can then use this information as the exposure component for risk modeling.  Others can potentially also additionally build on the data easily using Walking Papers in the future as well.

We look forward to moving forward on this.  Thanks for the help GIS Corps!