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News — 04 January, 2014

Thank you Lokku and Happy New Year

HOT is fortunate to have generous supporters around the world. We are a small non-profit that is mainly funded upon projects. Every contribution and donation is a gift which helps us in our mission to bring OpenStreetMap to humanitarian response and socioeconomic development.
Thank you Lokku for your continued support. This was done as a christmas message which Lokku sent to their clients in place of any other christmas gift, so thank you to all Lokku's clients as well. We appreciate it, and as we go into the new year, we hope this can be an example to others to support our cause.
Donations to the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team are always welcome. For US citizens, donations are a tax deductible, charitable gift. 
HOT uses donations for the following key items:
  • Donating HOT Kits to Emerging OSM Communities
  • Scholarships for OSM Contributors from Haiti and the Philippines for Attending the Annual International Conference of CrisisMappers 
  • HOT Volunteers Traveling to Haiti, Senegal and Indonesia to Learn from and Teach OSM Communities
  • HOT House Hackweek
As Russell Deffner wrote about donating on our mailing list:
"The 2012 financial disclosure shows us that HOT substantially grew its revenues from 2011, however a bit unequally its expenses also grew; overall only slightly improving its financial stability.  I expect that trajectory continued this year, potentially halting or reducing growth. Therefore, I ask you to join me in contributing even a small amount to HOT".
Thanks again for supporting HOT as we kick off an exciting new year!