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News — 18 February, 2014

LearnOSM Updates

Recently we've made some improvements to LearnOSM, HOT's resource for learning to use OpenStreetMap from the ground up.  It's not always easy keeping up with a resource like this.  OSM is constantly changing and so are the tools which we aim to teach.  With seven translations (and counting), updates to LearnOSM must be coordinated among a diverse group of content creators and translators.  Fortunately, the support for this process is immense.


We have updated the LearnOSM tutorials to reflect various software changes that have occurred in the past years.  The Beginner Guide now contains more detailed explanations of editing with JOSM, using Field Papers, and getting started with the iD editor.  In addition, we have added three new guides for continued learning - Detailed Editing contains many tutorials which cover advanced topics in JOSM.  There is also a full length chapter on using the iD editor.  Other guides cover topics related to OSM data and Map Design.

New Chapters on LearnOSM


Current translations include Indonesian, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, French, German, and Spanish.  The Japanese translation has the honor of being the first to incorporate all the updates (awesome work Satoshi!).  We expect other translations to catch up soon.  In addition, new teams have formed to translate the guides into Croatian, Romanian, and Galician, which will bring LearnOSM up to ten translations.  This is fantastic, as the more content we develop and the more translations we have, the wider an audience LearnOSM will be able to reach. 


A big thanks to everyone who provides content and translations.  And remember if you'd like to contribute, all the work is done over on Github.