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News — 19 December, 2014

Support HOT with an Annual Donation

HOT is a growing global community.  Over the past year we have had many successes in our mission to apply the principles of open source and open data sharing to improve the welfare of the communities where we work, especially those at risk of natural disaster or other crisis.


 Missing Maps in London (December 2014)


The global community has been instrumental in many activations throughout the year, including the ongoing Ebola response which began in March 2014. We have worked together to support OpenStreetMap Philippines in their response to multiple typhoons and continue to work on the ongoing crisis in the Central African Republic. To support these activations we launched the second version of the Tasking Manager. The backbone of all of this is our working groups. Our programs have brought us to Mongolia and Malawi this year and we have continued to support disaster preparedness work in many other places.  November of this year we embarked on the Missing Maps Project with three co-founders to map areas with 20 million of the most vulnerable people.


Looking forward to 2015 we will continue to build upon many of these collaborations and begin some new ones. This year will be running a HOT Summit to bring the global HOT community together in person for the first time.  We will continue to improve software and documentation to make our activations further replicable. New for 2015 will be a microgrant program to support existing OpenStreetMap communities that require a small financial push to help them flourish.



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We kindly ask for your ongoing support of HOT. Kate Chapman, Executive Director of HOT:


“Public funding through donation drives gives HOT the flexibility to better support our community. We are better able to act when opportunities arise to support local communities and be further creative in how we can accomplish our mission of a assisting communities living in vulnerable environments and areas are empowered to create and utilize geographic data to play an active role in their own economic development and resiliency.”

As a 501(c)(3) donations to HOT are tax-exempt in the United States (EIN: 27-3166713)

Thank you again for supporting HOT.


(Photo taken at Missing Maps Project Event, London December 15, 2014)