TomTom June 2015 HOT Mapathon

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Jun, 26 2015
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HOT has recently been supporting TomTom in a company wide Mapathlon focused on helping map buildings, residential areas, roads, paths and tracks from a Nepal area between Katari, Manthali and Kamalamai. This exciting engagement involved TomTom HOT volunteer mappers from 15 countries.

Task #1090 from our Tasking manager has been especially designed for the occasion by HOT expert Blake Girardot. The new mappers were also provided with a special HOT tutorial for the occasion. . On Tuesday June 23rd, Blake Girardot and Pierre Mirlesse held a Skype call with the new mappers to respond to their questions and help them in their progress.

This is what Lies Coddens from TomTom had to say about her experience with HOT:

“As a map loving company, we are happy to have been able to contribute in delivering up-to-date maps for the humanitarian aid in the Nepal region.”



“Most contributors were surprised by how easily the OSM HOT platform allows for basic map updates and enjoyed the experience. While scanning for houses and trying to find the (sometimes very tiny) roads to the villages, you are literally on top of the area. This humanitarian aid in the form of map editing brings you emotionally very close to the affected region. Some TomTom colleagues indicated it is not easy to close the task as you don’t want to leave out houses where people possibly are awaiting aid.”

“One of our colleagues was so impressed by the simplicity of this task and by how much this map editing raises awareness and involvement for natural disasters, that she even had her kids contributing as well !“




Tyler Radford, the HOT Interim Executive director, was a keen supporter of this engagement. "Support from volunteer-led mapathons has always been core to furthering the HOT mission” he said.

“In this case, we witnessed a very creative approach - instead of sitting together in the same room, volunteers from TomTom's offices around the world came together virtually over a two week period to map for Nepal”.

HOT looks forward to continuing support for new and innovative volunteer/employee led initiatives like this and thanks each volunteer who contributed. You are all part of the global HOT community.


In just 10 days, TomTom employees mapped over 500’000 nodes, 14’000 Buildings and 1’700 Roads ! This contribution will be essential to humanitarian field operations using these maps for their response and early recoveryefforts. Well done TomTom !



Pierre Mirlesse

HOT contributor

June 2015