Community mapping has long lasting impact in Tandale, Dar es Salaam Tanzania

Ward Executive Officer for Tandale Mr. Osiligi Lossai CREDIT: Ramani Huria
Posted by:
Sophie Lafayette
Date posted:
Sep, 23 2015

 Ramani Huria

The ward of Tandale was one of the first wards in Dar es Salaam to benefit from community mapping and be comprehensively mapped on OpenStreetMap.  Ramani Huria recently spoke to Ward Executive Officer for Tandale Mr. Osiligi Lossai about how they are using the data and maps provided to the ward following the completion of mapping.

 Ramani Huria

Dar es Salaam experienced a rare cholera outbreak in August 2015, and it is continuing to affect the city. Tandale has been one of the wards most affected by the outbreak. The outbreak has been unexpected as it is currently the dry season in Tanzania, with incidences of cholera usually occurring during the rainy seasons. Mr Lossai said that his office have been using the maps provided by Ramani Huria to identify the location of the victims within the ward. The maps have provided them with detail information on water points and sanitation data, thus allowing his team to investigate the sources of the outbreak.

 Ramani Huria

Mr. Lossai is in the process of writing a project proposal to the Municipal Council which aims to improve the drainage system in his ward. While he acknowledges that people have settled in flood prone areas, he says it is not easy or likely to resettle them. Because of this, the current situation must be improved, and this includes developing the drainage system. With the maps developed by Ramani Huria, which include current drainage infrastructure, Mr. Lossai is better informed and able to identify key points to be developed or improved in future planning.

Following on from the mapping that took place in Tandale, Mr. Lossai has developed relationships with Urban Planning graduates who continue to help him and his colleagues in the future planning of the ward and improving the livelihoods of those who live there. Mr. Lossia concluded by saying that the maps created through community mapping have been invaluable and will continue to be of use to the ward of Tandale in years to come.

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