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News — 02 October, 2015

HOT Announces Tyler Radford as our Executive Director

We are excited to announce that Tyler Radford has accepted the position of Executive Director of Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team. Since Tyler was named Interim Executive Director 5 months ago, HOT successfully initiated a new 13-month preparedness and response project in Indonesia, scaled up operations in Dar es Salaam, completed the first stage of the OpenAerialMap project, launched the disaster Activation Protocol / HOT Training Center, and delivered a refreshed HOT Export tool.


“Tyler’s first day with HOT as our interim Executive Director was at the HOT Community Summit. This was just days after the Nepal Earthquake. From the moment he joined HOT, Tyler engaged with the community, tackled projects, renewed fundraising plans and began building plans for HOT’s future - both for the organization and community. HOT has amazing opportunities to build and foster community mapping everywhere. I hope you will join me in helping Tyler and HOT get to the next level,“ said Heather Leson President of HOT’s Board of Directors.


Tyler Radford with the Tanzania team


From Tyler:

"Since joining HOT, I have been extremely proud of the scale of accomplishments of our global volunteer community, staff, and contractors. From leading us through HOT’s largest disaster response activation to date, to working side by side with communities as they develop their own maps for the first time, to launching groundbreaking initiatives such as OpenAerialMap -- the dedication of HOT’s people is what defines us and enables us to deliver on our humanitarian commitment. As we move through the coming weeks and months together, I look forward to designing better ways to engage, support, and recognize our people, including leaders and future leaders in our global community. I also look forward to planning new and exciting mapping tools which reach more volunteers and produce improved mapping outcomes. Finally, I look forward to continuing to work with our partners and donors as we contribute to disaster response and to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals."


Next Steps:

HOT’s Board of Directors fully supports Tyler in his mandate mission. We invite the community and our wider network of supporters to congratulate Tyler.

We would also like to thank all the other applicants for their interest in HOT and for their dedication to technology for social good.


(Photo of the Community mappers in Tandale ward of Dar es Salaam with Tyler Radford. Taken by Daudi Ngusa Fufuji, World Bank)