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News — 08 September, 2017

First Ever YouthMappers Video Challenge

Originally from Missing Maps Blog

First YouthMappers Video Challenge! We are excited to announce our first ever YouthMappers Video Challenge!  Missing Maps recently surpassed 32,000 volunteers for the program worldwide, and as we continue to grow, we’d love for some of our experienced mapathon hosts to share their advice with some of our newer participants. With over 70 chapters worldwide, the YouthMappers network has quickly grown to include over 4,000 student mappers.  Share your success story with the community by submitting a video!

Guidelines: Please record your video in English, with subtitles in a second (or third!) language if you prefer.  Please keep your video to 5 minutes or less.  Remember that your audience is anyone who is thinking of hosting a mapathon, possibly for the first time, and looking for some encouragement, not just university students!

Please be sure to cover (at a minimum) the below ideas in your video: First tell us who you are by giving a brief intro to your group (don’t forget to mention you are a YouthMappers chapter!)
 Mapping software is not compatible with Internet Explorer (IE) (But Microsoft Edge is ok) 
 Make sure a bounding box shows up when using IdEditor, if it’s not there try refreshing the page
 Make sure the wifi at your event space is strong enough
 Make sure no local firewalls are blocking needed websites 
 Bring extension cords and mice if you have spares
 Using a mouse is preferred 
 Tablets are not compatible 
 Mention the mapathon support map
 Lastly, leave your viewers with encouraging parting words

How to Submit: Please title your video “Tips and Tricks for Hosting a Mapathon. By: Your College/Uni Name” and post it to YouTube. Next, please send an email with the link to with the name of your main point of contact by Friday November 3, 2017. If you need to provide acknowledgements or thank yous, you can include that as text in the description paragraph of your video in the YouTube upload.

Next Steps: Videos will be judged by a panel of Missing Maps partnership staff by Friday November 10, 2017 with a winner announced Monday November 13, 2017.  The winning video will be added to the Missing Maps Hosting a Mapathon page and added to the Missing Maps YouTubechannel as well as linked to the YouthMappers channel.  The video will also be featured as a new resource in our outreach during OSM GeoWeek and in the YouthMappers Resource Library (coming soon!)

Text from- Rachel Levine